We are able to offer u the following services and goods...

We are the strong partner for petrol stations.

We can offer you the following services and products:

  • Under- and above-ground storage tanks of any kind
  • Vegetable oil filling station
  • Rental of complete tank systems
  • Fuel dispensers for diesel, biodiesel, cold-pressed rapeseed- and vegetable oil, petrol, heating oil, Lubricating oil, solvents and other chemicals
  • Barrel pumps, gear pumps and small counters for the self-consumer
  • Tank data acquisition from WBT, Novotec, Hectronic, Leibold and Task Technology
  • Pipe construction
  • Tank cleaning
  • Installation of internal linings
  • Storage monitoring of underground storage tanks
  • Liquid density gas stations built of concrete or steel
  • Coalescence and oil separator
  • Grouting at gas stations
  • dome-shaft-renovation
  • Planning and construction of public petrol stations
  • Planning and construction of tank farms
  • Planning and construction of solvent tank farms
  • Disassembly and disposal of any gas stations, tank farms and its components